August 3, 2009

What's cooking in the nushka kitchen?

Hello lovelies! Well I've had one busy long weekend! 4 days of pottering around the house - catching up on a whole heap of housy stuff cos I've been sick lately.

Have also been catching up on my Nushka Dolls! I packaged up a special set this weekend that was sold to someone in Sydney... will be popping that one in the post tomorrow! Have also painted 3 new lovely sets - the images above showing you a sneak peak.

I have just painted their second coat of varnish on them tonight so tomorrow will be taking photos and uploading them to the new website - which I am also hoping to launch in the next couple of days.

It's all happening here in Nushka land! :P



Hannah said...

Just had to stop by to say your nushka dolls are absolutely gorgeous! I especially like the green one on this post, love the details. :)

dolls said...

These dolls are very pretty!