March 17, 2012

the perfect creative weekend

Even though it was a lovely rainy day today - the perfect day for a Saturday sleep in - we decided to get up early so we could go have breakfast at Kitchen by Mike. Much to our dismay, the breakfast of sourdough pancakes wasn't quite as awe-inspiring amazing that we had hoped, but never-the-less it didn't curb my appetite for some creativity! On our way home we swung past my favourite art shop to pick up some nice paper and some beautiful wooden boards.

Above are some work-in-progress photos showing you the progress of one of the paintings on a wooden board. Just need to varnish the back and it'll go up in the shop!

April 21, 2011

things have been happening!

Today, we welcome 2 new little dolls to our collection. This time of a very different nature... very minimal and very simple. A classic, neutral design that will suit most decors. We love simple things here at { nushka dolls } so these little dolls are very special to us!

You can choose from white top / wood bottom or wood top / white bottom. Kiska and Katja both mean 'pure' which we thought was the perfect name for these 2 little lovelies.

We will be bringing out some 3-piece sets soon too so we're looking forward to sharing those with you soon too!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter break xx

April 2, 2011

Here it is folks! 2011 has brought us a new site!

I know it's been a lot of time between posts on my poor little neglected blog here, but 2011 has brought with it a huge amount of opportunity to get nushka dolls back on track!
We've been busy little bee's this last few weeks putting together this new nushka site, with my limited CSS and HTML knowledge! Thanks to discovering BigCartel, I was able to create a site that's *almost* exactly how I intended it to be - which is a big step from where I was before using Indexhibit (as much as I still love Indexhibit!). This new cart, however, creates a much better user-experience for shopping and will make it heaps easier for us to keep our products updated so I'm really excited about that.
At the moment, we've got only 2 dolls left in stock, but we have a few new ones that are almost ready to hit the shelves, so we'll keep you posted when they are ready! The next ones we have are quite different to the nushka's to date - they have taken a very modern, minimalist approach.

Tick, tock, tick, tock!

We are almost ready for our launch! Our little nushka dolls site has been given a new home. Just a few more tweaks and we can show you all :)

Hope everyone is having lovely weekends!


January 31, 2011

A new home

So this is my first post from my new iPad app. All in the hope of making my blogging process faster & easier! I've been busy updating the nushka website and have been designing some new doll sets that are now waiting for their first lick of varnish to make them even more beautiful!

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November 3, 2009

Lovely Pieces blog

This week, Nushka Dolls have been lucky enough to be featured on Ashley Austin's blog, 'Lovely Pieces'! Her blog has some very lovely pieces indeed! - very worth a looksie.


September 23, 2009

Thank you to 'We Are Messengers!'

My lovely friends at We Are Messengers posted about our little Nushka Dolls today! Check it out over here at the We Are Messengers blog :)

August 15, 2009


Stop the press! Nushka Dolls have a brand spanking new website! Any feedback or comments you might have is more than welcome!

August 3, 2009

What's cooking in the nushka kitchen?

Hello lovelies! Well I've had one busy long weekend! 4 days of pottering around the house - catching up on a whole heap of housy stuff cos I've been sick lately.

Have also been catching up on my Nushka Dolls! I packaged up a special set this weekend that was sold to someone in Sydney... will be popping that one in the post tomorrow! Have also painted 3 new lovely sets - the images above showing you a sneak peak.

I have just painted their second coat of varnish on them tonight so tomorrow will be taking photos and uploading them to the new website - which I am also hoping to launch in the next couple of days.

It's all happening here in Nushka land! :P


July 12, 2009

Coming soon!!

I know! I am thinking it too... what the hell is happening with Nushka Dolls? Where are the new dolls and why aren't they on the website?
I have been asking myself these questions every single day!
Things are happening though... I have new ideas to give the website a complete refresh - something that's very overdue. I also have new ideas for dolls coming soon...
So off to work I get... will try and post some progress things to keep everyone entertained in this fabulous world of blogs :)

June 9, 2009

Nushka Dolls mentioned in Real Living mag!

Well this news is a little belated... because I only just found out that my dolls were mentioned in the Jan/Feb issue of Real Living magazine! So sorry for the old news.... but it's still exciting :) For me anyway! hehe

Hope you are all having nice Wednesday's!

mel xx

May 26, 2009

New custom doll - "Vee"

Here's a sneak peek at my latest doll set. A new set of three which I illustrated with fine point pens and black and white paint. I was able to get far more detail using the pens rather than paint alone. This special set of three is unfortunately not for sale as I am giving it to my lovely friend Vee, who I work with. I have almost completed another set done in the same style though, so stay tuned as it will be posted soon.

May 21, 2009

Apartment Therapy feature!

Well this is a little delayed... I have been meaning to post about this since it came out but I just hadn't found the time! My Nushka Dolls were featured on Apartment Therapy's website in at the end of last month. Someone very lovely on Etsy (Kay from OhKayK) told me about the article, which was lucky because I had no idea it had been posted!
If you'd like to check it out, pop on over here.

March 7, 2009


Morning everyone!! Just a quick note to let you know all my prices on Etsy are now in US dollars. Very silly of me, but I didn't realise they were being shown in US dollars, so I've had to go and make them all less to accommodate for the exchange rate. So now they appear cheaper, and much more buyable!! hehe

Have a great weekend!

Nushka's now sold at KILN!

Very exciting news.... Nushka Dolls are now in store at KILN gallery's store called 'The Bloomery'. They are situated in Paddington, Brisbane, in an old fire station building. We went there last night to drop off the first batch of Nushka Dolls and to see the other artwork, jewellery and gifts in the gallery.
There are now some little Nushka keyrings available (custom orders too!) and some sweet little button packs! The keyrings can be sold with or without the keyring attachment - for people like me who like to have little dolls surrounding my computer! :)
The new dolls have been added to the Etsy store but are not yet on the website - they will be coming soon though!
sweet thoughts,