July 12, 2009

Coming soon!!

I know! I am thinking it too... what the hell is happening with Nushka Dolls? Where are the new dolls and why aren't they on the website?
I have been asking myself these questions every single day!
Things are happening though... I have new ideas to give the website a complete refresh - something that's very overdue. I also have new ideas for dolls coming soon...
So off to work I get... will try and post some progress things to keep everyone entertained in this fabulous world of blogs :)


aeneadellaluna said...

Hi Melissa! I really like your dolls and they are all very original and unique..but there is one thing that bothered me.. I know that they are hand painted but did you make the lines and shapes crooked on purpose? there are techniques to make the shapes simetrical..

Keep up the good work!

melsie said...

Thanks for your feedback aeneadellaluna, can I ask what sort of techniques you are talking about exactly?

I do hand-paint all my dolls, like you say, by drawing a rough outline on the dolls first in pencil, and then painting with very small paint brushes to create the patterns and colours.

I actually love the rough "hand-painted look" with the slightly wobbly lines and shapes that are each different - that is what makes each Nushka Doll so unique and means that no two dolls will ever be identical. I really wanted to avoid them looking like they may have been mass-produced or them looking too 'perfect' - I want to give them as much personality as possible.

Not all of the designs are symmetrical - in more of my recent designs I have created more random-style patterns and have also been using black pen to get an even more precise look.

Appreciate your feedback though - thanks for taking the time to let me know your thoughts!

I have almost finished redesigning the Nushka website, which will feature some new dolls so keep an eye out for that! :)