April 2, 2011

Here it is folks! 2011 has brought us a new site!

I know it's been a lot of time between posts on my poor little neglected blog here, but 2011 has brought with it a huge amount of opportunity to get nushka dolls back on track!
We've been busy little bee's this last few weeks putting together this new nushka site, with my limited CSS and HTML knowledge! Thanks to discovering BigCartel, I was able to create a site that's *almost* exactly how I intended it to be - which is a big step from where I was before using Indexhibit (as much as I still love Indexhibit!). This new cart, however, creates a much better user-experience for shopping and will make it heaps easier for us to keep our products updated so I'm really excited about that.
At the moment, we've got only 2 dolls left in stock, but we have a few new ones that are almost ready to hit the shelves, so we'll keep you posted when they are ready! The next ones we have are quite different to the nushka's to date - they have taken a very modern, minimalist approach.

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