May 26, 2009

New custom doll - "Vee"

Here's a sneak peek at my latest doll set. A new set of three which I illustrated with fine point pens and black and white paint. I was able to get far more detail using the pens rather than paint alone. This special set of three is unfortunately not for sale as I am giving it to my lovely friend Vee, who I work with. I have almost completed another set done in the same style though, so stay tuned as it will be posted soon.


Katy said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, you must have a very steady hand... i love their little cross mouths. Your friend is very lucky :-)

melsie said...

Thanks Katy!! Yes a steady hand does certainly come in handy! :)

amy said...

these dolls are beautiful! i have loved russian dolls forever, but i have never seen ones this lovely! i will certainly be keeping an eye on your store for an available set. i just gave you a lovely award on my blog :)