March 7, 2009

Nushka's now sold at KILN!

Very exciting news.... Nushka Dolls are now in store at KILN gallery's store called 'The Bloomery'. They are situated in Paddington, Brisbane, in an old fire station building. We went there last night to drop off the first batch of Nushka Dolls and to see the other artwork, jewellery and gifts in the gallery.
There are now some little Nushka keyrings available (custom orders too!) and some sweet little button packs! The keyrings can be sold with or without the keyring attachment - for people like me who like to have little dolls surrounding my computer! :)
The new dolls have been added to the Etsy store but are not yet on the website - they will be coming soon though!
sweet thoughts,


Little Jane St said...

Your Nushka dolls look lovely displayed!

Bespoke Press said...

Ohh congratulations! I keep on hearing so much wonderful stuff about Kiln. I must head out and check it out soon!xox