February 22, 2009

...Work in progress

Hello everyone! I am feeling very inspired today! Even though I have a bad headache and a sore throat... I am still trying to ignore that while I let myself be inspired by everything Nushka! On the weekend, I went along to the first Brisbane Brown Owls meet where we got together with a bunch of other crafty ladies to eat cupcakes and sew felt owls! What could be better?! I left the meeting feeling nicely inspired to do my own stuff....
So I have decided to put up a little sneak peak of the dolls I am currently working on. The opening night at KILN Gallery is on Fri 6th March - which is only NEXT FRIDAY! So I have been very busy these last few weeks preparing everything for the day. The pictures above are of a new (and very different) doll set that will be in the store. I really wanted to do a more creatively 'random' design so have been playing around with some new shapes and new colours.

I have also painted a new 'Nikkita' set (above) so I will have some of the current dolls in the store too. They are all sold out at the moment, so I'm keen to paint as many as I possibly can in the time frame! This Nikkita set is almost complete - I just have to draw the eyes and mouth on and she'll be all done!

And the third set I have been working on is still at very early stages... But I have designed a new fringe for them! Similar to ones I have done before, but it has a little cute wisp at the front! Cute! I'm also considering leaving some of this doll in wood as I think it will look really gorgeous ones it's all varnished. Have to get my creative cap on now though and choose a design for it!

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My name is Mala! said...

OH I love these beige ones with the black hair! I know they're finished but they look hot like this! :) x